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Selecting the right Business System can be a daunting task. There are a variety of vertical solutions for each business and process. Which one is the right one? Is there a right one for your business? A poor system decision up front can be a costly mistake in the future. Let us be your partner and with proper planning and foresight we can help with Software Systems Architecture and Design. It would be our goal to put your business into a solution that is both scalable and economical.

Already have a variety of disparate legacy systems that don’t connect? Let us see what we can do with a little custom software development to create system partnerships.

Past Engagements

  • Bolt-on Systems for SAP ERP
  • Bolt-on Systems for SyteLine ERP
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • Peer Review and Beam-data for large Oncology Network
  • Shop Management Solutions
  • Employee Management Solutions
  • Engineering Management Solutions
  • SOX Audits
  • Medical Software Design Controls
  • Single-Sign-On

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