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“When people think of software they think of computers."
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“We build people software"

Off the Grid Technology, LLC

Web Design

Web design is the art and process of combining individual elements of design: lines, shape, texture, color into a pleasing arrangement that conveys ideas and thoughts. It’s these ideas and thoughts which well-designed websites convey to the public.

A well designed site will make your marketing strategy almost transparent to a web user and in most cases be an initial point of contact. In today’s business market a website is a must...

Software Development

Boxed business solutions need to accommodate a variety of business, strategies and processes. What that means in practical terms is that you have a very abstract piece of software that doesn't seem to quite fit your exact business need.

That’s where Off the Grid Technology, LLC can help – we will customize a vertical solution for your specific needs so you aren't left with that square peg in the round hole feeling...

Technology Stack

Our technology stack consists of the latest technologies on both mobile and PC platforms.

We take great care in mapping the right solution to the right opportunity...


One of our favorite design projects of all time!

Off the Grid Technology was tasked by Great Lakes Western to make a statement on the web that would attract new drivers. We think we did it. This Transformer-like home-page is just plain cool to watch. We’ve also made it easier for new driver prospects to fill out online driver applications.


Web Design project for one of our favorite eating establishments.

Ballyhoos Bar and Eatery was looking for an updated design on a mobile-platform that would allow customers to have instant access to their menu and phone number. Our solution was to create mobile platform that featured links to both their online ordering menu and easy to navigate phone number for their local delivery service.


Mobile time-capture gives ease of data collection for central WI construction company.

Off the Grid Technology was chosen to deliver a mobile solution that would allow off-site field employees to enter in project task and time-collection information. This mobile application connects directly to the companies back-end ERP system. Gone now are the days where time-sheets and other critical project information were faxed and hand-entered in by the Accounting staff.

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